Hi, I am Ibrahim.

Software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

about me

I am a software Engr with 3 years experience. Previously, I have worked at Andela and iRechargeNG. Currently, I am part of the team at SeamlessHR. As a person, I love to be part of any movement that inspires people to believe in their abilities to grow as individuals. I strongly believe that with focus and consistent effort, our wildest imaginations will transform into reality.


i code

I love to work on projects and with teams that aims at helping to ease different processes in different aspects of people's lives. Currently, I work with Javascript and PHP.


i teach

Aside programming, I also love to work on projects or work with organisations/people that have to do with teaching and mentoring individuals that are starting their journey as software developers.

my skills

I am a software engineer with experience and proven knowledge of Frontend and Backend software development. Here is a list of my tech stack:

  • highly skilled / Experienced
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • bootstrap
  • reactjs
  • redux
  • php
  • laravel
  • nodejs
  • postgreSQL
  • mySQL

my projects

The source code to all my personal projects showcased here can be found on my github profile.

contact me

Just want to say hi or you have an interesting idea that needs my contribution?